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Hello there bird lovers and watchers. It's been a long ride over here on your favorite bird feeders guide. As of now, if you've been reading our posts, you should already have some great breeds in your garden or kitchen window. We managed to teach you guys making your own bird houses. And we're happy that even lurkers of this blog got out with some useful info. We are now celebrating 4 years of a great user experience. Do you see the above photo? It made us a 100% increase in sales in one single day, Christmas eve of 2012. Kudos to you who use our guide to choose your best feeders. For the new comers we'd like to say: We have a very good reason why you should buy through our guide; it's because we're the only website that cherry pick the wholesale priced feeders on the web.

We don't sell fancy stuff, we only showcase the efficient stuff. Stuff that stick around your yard for years ahead and keep more birds coming. Not only do we try those feeders on our own gardens, but we also take advantage of our relatives and best friends yards to make the ultimate decisions for which to offer for sale and which to leave for other markets to piss their clients off with. We're simply a little bit smarter in this business. But enough of business talk for now. Let's give you some delicious info meal as a thank you for sticking around all these years, shall we?

Attracting Birds like a boss

Native plants: It doesn't matter how much your weather is changing along the years. The native plant that survived past climate spikes will most likely adapt to future climate change. Native planting will ensure a returning bird.

Water sources: Feeding your birds isn't all about food. They, like any living creature, need water desperately. Not only it ties them to your yard in a nice way, but it also attracts more of them over time. Ensure a changing water source every day in order not to attract the mosquito monsters instead of the lovely birds.

Big trees around your house: Don't overlook planting tall trees all around your house. It's not just a good surrounding to your house, but it's another way to make your yard the center of interest for birds in your territory as well.

Diversify plant sizes and species in your garden: The more plant species you have, the more types of birds you'll attract. It doesn't get any simpler than that. But don't over-exhaust yourself trying to accomplish this. Also don't do the mistake of getting insect-attracting plants.

Never use garden chemical substances: Those are wasting all your efforts. They actually murder all your new birds and affect the current ones negatively. If you have to improve your garden plants artificially, please disregard having strong chemical substances and consult your vendor regarding its effect on ground water and birds before using them.

Keep the feeder healthy: This means hygienic care of your bird feeders. Treat them as your valued guests. Clean the feeders whenever their surface or tubes get a slight change in color. As it's a sign of parasites and microbes. Use more water and less soap in the cleaning process. Use brushes for metal bird feeders. If you have a home made one, clean with caution in order not to break it.

Don't mix birds with other pets: Don't let your pet outside. Don't let them interact with the smooth tiny creatures called birds. They can end their lives in a few seconds in the form of "playing". These pets have little brains so they will not distinguish between playing and killing. Many people forget that fact and they end up with a wasted effort.

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Stainless Steel Bird Cages - Things To Know Before Buying A Bird Cage

As wholesale bird feeders became a free resource and a small shop for promoting bird supplies, we are continuing to provide the reader along with the vendor with knowledge and information about their favorite bird supplies.

Today we are going to talk about another type of bird accessories. So let's dive right in the subject. Some buyers would suggest that a bird cage made of stainless steel is suitable only for a setting where there is heavy use, such as a breeding facility, a pet store or a veterinarian hospital. Others may think that a bird cage made out of this material might only be suitable for a modern setting. It would look out of place, after all, in home decorated in the Victorian or country style.While those statements are true, there are several other reasons why you should consider investing in stainless steel bird cages for your birds.

One constructed of stainless steel is heavier than the average bird cage. In addition, the construction is heavy duty. As a result, it is substantial and long lasting. Its weight and stability mean that the cage itself will not be easily knocked over. The cage will not wear out easily and will out last several bird cages made of other material. The stainless steel used in the bird cage is medical grade. This means it does not contain chrome. Chrome would contribute to rusting. So not only is the cage easy to keep clean, it is rust proof, again, a factor that means this type of cage will outlast any other.

The medical grade steel used is smooth. It is not textured and has no other finish or texture on it. Not only does this contribute to the ease of cleaning, it also means that bird droppings and dander will not stick to metal components. In addition, if your bird happens to be a chewer, the stainless steel material is ideal, since the bird cannot chew off and ingest pieces of the metal.

It is correct that the cost is considerably higher than purchasing a cage constructed from aluminum for example. Take into consideration that the aluminum cage has a usable life of only half to a third of that of the steel option. This means that the steel cage is a much more cost effective option, especially if you are housing several birds in the one cage. When purchasing a stainless steel bird cage, you are not limited to a few sizes or configurations. These cages are available in all the basic sizes. If heavy duty use, cleanliness and long term economy are factors in choosing a bird cage, then stainless steel is an option that cannot be ignored.

Corner bird cages

why one of the best bird cages is the corner bird cage

You are looking for a great home to your birds, you are confused where to get them and what to chose. And you are wondering what is the best for your bird. In our opinion, Corner bird cages are a recent phenomenon and should be considered a unique bird cage. It was designed to save space for bird owners whose homes do not have a lot of space. It is actually a great idea because most cages are designed so that you cannot put the cage in the corner. One of the reasons is the design of the seed catchers. Most seed catchers have to be put together in fours, or else it will not stay in place. As a result, most cages are placed near a corner of the room but it still takes over a lot of space.

So what are some of the benefits of owning a corner bird cage other than that being a space saver? For one, by placing all the way at the corner, it solves the problem of the bird throwing all its food out. By placing the food dishes by the wall, any food that gets thrown out will rebound off the wall and falls back into the cage. That is two sides of cleaning that you have to worry less about.

Another benefit of corner bird cages is that they are typically big bird cages. Big bird cages allow plenty of room for the bird to fly, whether you have a parrot or a small bird. The bar spacing is good enough for most birds so that it is a very flexible bird cage to have.

The last big benefit is that the corner becomes a great hiding place for the bird or parrot. That does not necessarily mean bad. Having a corner in which the bird can hide will help place the bird in ease when it feels unsafe. It is almost like a sanctuary. That is why sometimes a round cage would not be a good one because they do not know where the best place to hide is. This is the case for bigger parrots.

Some of the cages actually have a round outer edge, while others have three sides point out of the edge. It is entirely up to you in terms of the design you are looking for. The most ideal bird cage is probably the one with three or four sides.

Having straight sides allow the bird or parrot to climb much easier. After all, to the bird, having a straight panel to climb on is quite a delight. This is one of the unique cages that have not been around on the market for too long. But it is a wonderful and popular bird cage to purchase. Be sure to look out for one that you like. Wholesale bird feeders reserves all rights to this articles.