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Corner bird cages

why one of the best bird cages is the corner bird cage

You are looking for a great home to your birds, you are confused where to get them and what to chose. And you are wondering what is the best for your bird. In our opinion, Corner bird cages are a recent phenomenon and should be considered a unique bird cage. It was designed to save space for bird owners whose homes do not have a lot of space. It is actually a great idea because most cages are designed so that you cannot put the cage in the corner. One of the reasons is the design of the seed catchers. Most seed catchers have to be put together in fours, or else it will not stay in place. As a result, most cages are placed near a corner of the room but it still takes over a lot of space.

So what are some of the benefits of owning a corner bird cage other than that being a space saver? For one, by placing all the way at the corner, it solves the problem of the bird throwing all its food out. By placing the food dishes by the wall, any food that gets thrown out will rebound off the wall and falls back into the cage. That is two sides of cleaning that you have to worry less about.

Another benefit of corner bird cages is that they are typically big bird cages. Big bird cages allow plenty of room for the bird to fly, whether you have a parrot or a small bird. The bar spacing is good enough for most birds so that it is a very flexible bird cage to have.

The last big benefit is that the corner becomes a great hiding place for the bird or parrot. That does not necessarily mean bad. Having a corner in which the bird can hide will help place the bird in ease when it feels unsafe. It is almost like a sanctuary. That is why sometimes a round cage would not be a good one because they do not know where the best place to hide is. This is the case for bigger parrots.

Some of the cages actually have a round outer edge, while others have three sides point out of the edge. It is entirely up to you in terms of the design you are looking for. The most ideal bird cage is probably the one with three or four sides.

Having straight sides allow the bird or parrot to climb much easier. After all, to the bird, having a straight panel to climb on is quite a delight. This is one of the unique cages that have not been around on the market for too long. But it is a wonderful and popular bird cage to purchase. Be sure to look out for one that you like. Wholesale bird feeders reserves all rights to this articles.

Homemade bird feeders versus wholesale ones

When we first started WBF or Wholesale Bird Feeders, we were aiming at attracting resellers of the bird niche to buy from us. Then later on, we decided that the community of bird watchers and those who like to attract wild birds are more frequently visiting us. Now here is two points we need to clarify before moving on to what we have to say:

1- This does not mean that we ditched our wholesale seekers. On the contrary, we love new inquiries and requests. After all this is our prime expertise.

2- We did not follow the crowd of websites that try to monetize from every unique visitor they receive, instead, we started to build trust between our content and our readers. So the site turned into a combination of informative resource about how to attract birds, how to keep birds coming to your backyard or garden, how to choose the best feeders as it's our expertise and how to even make homemade bird feeders yourself at your very own home without having to spend a dime on our "meant to sell WBF" site. We then made it possible for those visitors who really came accidentally to buy individual items through our picks of amazon feeders. So if you come looking for wholesale bird food, seed or feeders and you happen to stumble onto this kind of individual supplies, just ignore them and contact us.

I hope you get the whole point, we turned from just the solely a sale phase to the source-of-all-bird-shop era. Our readers deserve to gain knowledge and not just buy and leave with no actual mental gain about their everlasting habit: bird watching.

This good intention actually took us to a whole new level. WBF site has become a dictionary for those attracting birds to their window or garden feeders. We helped them know how to make it happen and we will keep teaching bird lovers all the new tricks to keep getting even more birds.

Now back to the main point that actually made me write this post while i am terribly in need of sleep. I might just lie down on the garden grass and nap even. Lol.

The great gap between.....

Wholesale bird feeders and the homemade ones

Why would people buy bird feeders wholesale? From what experience has told us, it's either because they want to resell them for profit, or want to buy only one bird feeder with the "price of wholesale per item". while the second type of buyers is desperately on low budget, the first type - resellers - can fulfill the needs of such buyers and still be making profit. Without helping this type of bird feeder buyers, you are actually enforcing them to make their own homemade bird feeders because they simply can't afford to buy with the market price. And you wouldn't want me to tell you how many people are starting to make their own homemade bird feeders. Let's just say they are so many to the degree we're teaching them how to do it simple and easy right on this website. Or let's just declare that the traffic we receive from this type of visitors is more than you would imagine. Have you considered the term "how to make bird feeders"? or "how to make homemade bird feeders"?

Looks fine to us still, if a visitor is going to learn from our site without spending, then great. Money comes by other means anyway. Intellectual knowledge is gold, and we are giving it away. We never started liking our own WBF site until it became informative. Try it on your own bird accessories site, you will really know the meaning of providing your visitors with not just a quality product, but also a favor. Become a hopper that jumps from the vendor status to even someone that donates important info as well. stop thinking financially for a while and render content that helps.

But, financially thinking, here it comes:

Let's take a live example, the method i am going to discuss is not a rocket science nor new, it's so simple that i can't believe there are wholesale resellers out there not using it to the bone. It made us $2000 offline per week in our hometown and oh boy we didn't even invent it.

You are a wholesale reseller and you bought 100 pieces of bird feeders for say 10 dollars each to resell for $20 each. Instead of getting onto the high hopes train and spending weeks trying to sell away your feeders with such price, you simply drop the price too low down to say $10.45 each. Look me in the eye and tell me you won't be selling them faster than a lightening. Well, not that fast but you get the idea. It's the popular quantity game. sell so many and earn so few per sale. They all add up and you end up in profit. Oh wait, isn't this the whole concept of "wholesale reselling"? Right, but seems people are doing it wrong.

Why do we get those people - "bird feeders" potential buyers - to hate our industry and try learning to make feeders on their own while we can give them what they want? why not give them the ability to have an inexpensive but quality product? Why not make them happy to use our ready made stuff? Simply because we're greedy. Well, not anymore, not in our case. Our shop sold extremely competitive bird feeders for a profit as low as 9 cents per piece, we made it to the 2000 dollars a week and we made our local competitors scratch their heads thinking we went nuts selling at such low price. At the end of the month, we made net profit, sold out all our large inventory base and, most importantly, built our reputation in no time as the most affordable bird feeders in the area. Did you notice the bold words? i said affordable. That's the point. You and the customer end up satisfied. Let your competitors scratch their heads.

See that was not so hard.

On the run note before i am off to go, i would like to point out that this is the first post i publish to my fellow wholesalers. I have seen many people doing things wrong. And as much as i would love to maintain less competition in the bird feeders field, i couldn't hold this point in the closet. Just like i will not stop writing for readers even if they are not becoming buyers at my site. Come to think of it, there will always be buyers but those who are not the web too.

Dear fellow wholesale Birdfeeders resellers, i will be posting more material on our niche later on. To your success.

Medo Joe.

Bird Cages | Small | Large | Wooden Bird Cages

Insight of different sizes of wooden bird cages

In the past most bird cages are made out of weeds, rope or bamboo. It was the Egyptians who started to keep birds as their pets as they believe that the souls of the ancient Egyptians were depicted with the body of a bird. Bird cages are usually made of wire mesh to ensure the safety of your bird pets. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. The ideal shape of cage that you should go for is square or rectangular cages. They are easier to clean and are safer for your feathered friend.

Small bird cages are ideally for small birds, however it is not necessary that all small birds should be kept in small cages. Most small birds are more active and they require more room. They love to climb from perch to perch and fly around inside their cages. One good benefit of this size of cage is that it is lightweight and is easy to transport anytime and anywhere, very useful for traveling. These cages are cheaper and don't take up a lot of space. One could easily fit anywhere in your home especially if you have a small place.

On the other hand, large birds will require a bigger cage. Large bird cages are sturdy in order to accommodate large active birds. Your birds need a home that is comfortable for them to live in. They need an ample space to spread their wings widely and do some exercise. Remember that birds are also like humans, they need enough exercise to become healthy and freedom to move around. Larger cages are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, iron, stainless steel, and acrylic.

From small to large bird cages, let us now look at the visual aspect of a cage. Wooden bird cages are considered as the most beautiful cages in any style. They are usually made of cherry, oak, pine, maple, and laminate. Despite the beauty of these cages, most wooden cages are difficult to clean. So if you really want one of these cages, bare this in mind when making your purchase. They are not recommended for parrots, since parrots love chewing wood.

Choosing the right bird cage for your pet needn't be that difficult. Simply consider the comfort and safety for your bird, along with what you find to be visually appealing. Copyright 2010 Wholesale bird feeders.