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Stainless Steel Bird Cages - Things To Know Before Buying A Bird Cage

As wholesale bird feeders became a free resource and a small shop for promoting bird supplies, we are continuing to provide the reader along with the vendor with knowledge and information about their favorite bird supplies.

Today we are going to talk about another type of bird accessories. So let's dive right in the subject. Some buyers would suggest that a bird cage made of stainless steel is suitable only for a setting where there is heavy use, such as a breeding facility, a pet store or a veterinarian hospital. Others may think that a bird cage made out of this material might only be suitable for a modern setting. It would look out of place, after all, in home decorated in the Victorian or country style.While those statements are true, there are several other reasons why you should consider investing in stainless steel bird cages for your birds.

One constructed of stainless steel is heavier than the average bird cage. In addition, the construction is heavy duty. As a result, it is substantial and long lasting. Its weight and stability mean that the cage itself will not be easily knocked over. The cage will not wear out easily and will out last several bird cages made of other material. The stainless steel used in the bird cage is medical grade. This means it does not contain chrome. Chrome would contribute to rusting. So not only is the cage easy to keep clean, it is rust proof, again, a factor that means this type of cage will outlast any other.

The medical grade steel used is smooth. It is not textured and has no other finish or texture on it. Not only does this contribute to the ease of cleaning, it also means that bird droppings and dander will not stick to metal components. In addition, if your bird happens to be a chewer, the stainless steel material is ideal, since the bird cannot chew off and ingest pieces of the metal.

It is correct that the cost is considerably higher than purchasing a cage constructed from aluminum for example. Take into consideration that the aluminum cage has a usable life of only half to a third of that of the steel option. This means that the steel cage is a much more cost effective option, especially if you are housing several birds in the one cage. When purchasing a stainless steel bird cage, you are not limited to a few sizes or configurations. These cages are available in all the basic sizes. If heavy duty use, cleanliness and long term economy are factors in choosing a bird cage, then stainless steel is an option that cannot be ignored.