Corner bird cages

why one of the best bird cages is the corner bird cage

You are looking for a great home to your birds, you are confused where to get them and what to chose. And you are wondering what is the best for your bird. In our opinion, Corner bird cages are a recent phenomenon and should be considered a unique bird cage. It was designed to save space for bird owners whose homes do not have a lot of space. It is actually a great idea because most cages are designed so that you cannot put the cage in the corner. One of the reasons is the design of the seed catchers. Most seed catchers have to be put together in fours, or else it will not stay in place. As a result, most cages are placed near a corner of the room but it still takes over a lot of space.

So what are some of the benefits of owning a corner bird cage other than that being a space saver? For one, by placing all the way at the corner, it solves the problem of the bird throwing all its food out. By placing the food dishes by the wall, any food that gets thrown out will rebound off the wall and falls back into the cage. That is two sides of cleaning that you have to worry less about.

Another benefit of corner bird cages is that they are typically big bird cages. Big bird cages allow plenty of room for the bird to fly, whether you have a parrot or a small bird. The bar spacing is good enough for most birds so that it is a very flexible bird cage to have.

The last big benefit is that the corner becomes a great hiding place for the bird or parrot. That does not necessarily mean bad. Having a corner in which the bird can hide will help place the bird in ease when it feels unsafe. It is almost like a sanctuary. That is why sometimes a round cage would not be a good one because they do not know where the best place to hide is. This is the case for bigger parrots.

Some of the cages actually have a round outer edge, while others have three sides point out of the edge. It is entirely up to you in terms of the design you are looking for. The most ideal bird cage is probably the one with three or four sides.

Having straight sides allow the bird or parrot to climb much easier. After all, to the bird, having a straight panel to climb on is quite a delight. This is one of the unique cages that have not been around on the market for too long. But it is a wonderful and popular bird cage to purchase. Be sure to look out for one that you like. Wholesale bird feeders reserves all rights to this articles.


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