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Bird House Plans

When you build a birdhouse it is extremely rewarding to know that a wild creature decided to make a home out of something you made. Birds always have a difficult time finding a home. Many birds, like humans, are very particular about the specifications of their home. Not only will you be helping save the birds, but the added wildlife in your yard will make your home much more enjoyable.

The first step and most important step when building a bird house is by starting with the correct bird house plans. Not just any plan will work, it takes a well thought out birdhouse plan that breaks the building process into steps. Bird house plans can range from the very simple to extremely complex and this is determined mostly by your personal style. If this is your first birdhouse, start with the most basic of plans and work up towards a birdhouse plan that has more detailed features.

Once you determine your skill level, the next step is to choose which bird you are going to attract. This step is easy. Birds are very particular about the

specifications of their home. They don't care about the color, design, style or any other aesthetic details. The two factors they care most about is the inner dimension (living area) and the opening size. You want to build a birdhouse that suites species located in your area, and species that you enjoy. You will be surprised how many species actually live in your area.

With all birdhouses there is maintenance. The birdhouse plans you choose will greatly effect the ease of cleaning and maintenance for your feathered friends home. Make sure the bird house plan you choose will address the maintenance issues for that species. Your bird house plans should have detailed information about the species, how to attract them and where to locate your birdhouse.

Once you build a bird house that attracts a bird family other species will be frequenting your yard to look for lodging. When you build a birdhouse it can be more enjoyable than you can imagine, but your experience will be greatly improved when you choose the right bird house plan.

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