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Do You Know The Types Of Feeders For Various Types Of Birds? Part 1

To have a relaxing and fulfilling day at home, the viewing of birds is very ideal. For this reason, home owners should take the time to find out the right bird feeding materials needed. Bird feeders come in different styles and varieties. Some examples are the platform feeders, thistle feeders, suet bird feeders, tube feeders and the ground feeders.

Hopper feeders are basically the most ideal feeders you can buy. They are made from wood, thus making them an additional accent to your outdoor surroundings. These bird feeders houses are very convenient since you just simply open the top and pour the wild bird seed in.

They are also fairly well protected against weather like snow or rain. Generally, wood feeders are practical. But be sure to place these feeders in strategic locations, otherwise, squirrels might raid them. Tube feeders are another type.

These can be easily mounted onto a pole, or can be hung wherever you like. Additionally, when looking for feeders that have very tiny holes, thistle feeders are the answers. These feeders are basically designed for gold, purple or house finches because the seeds of the thistles no not pour out easily onto the ground.

Most thistle feeders for wild birds have fun designs and you can normally see birds hanging upside down while

feeding themselves. Moreover, the design effectively keeps birds always from each other, thus avoiding competition for the seeds.

Platform feeders are the ideal type of bird feeders, especially if you wish to see migratory birds. These bird feeding tools generally have open designs, thus allowing birds to easily notice any approaching birds of prey or cats. And when predators come, birds can simply fly away from the feeder. One great advantage of this type of feeder is that it can accommodate larger species of birds.

Such birds can just simply perch and feed. And since these feeders have open designs, birds can feed themselves all at the same time. This is also similar with the ground feeders, which are placed on the ground. Both the platform and ground feeders however, need proper maintenance, as they are prone to different elements, such as snow and rain.

Providing a suet bird feeder is one way to attract interesting types of birds, such as Northern Flickers, as well as Pileated, Red Bellied, Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers. Suet feeders are cages made from wires and you just simply place suet cakes in them and wait for birds to perch. With bird feeding materials, you really have a lot of choices. Just make sure you provide the right one for the birding sights you want to see.

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