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How To Choose Bird Feeders For Your Backyard
By Thomas White
Your local garden center or online retailer is likely to have a massive selection of bird feeders to choose from in various sizes, shapes, colors and prices and it can be difficult to know which bird feeder will be the best for the birds in your garden or backyard. Regardless of the type of bird feeder you decide to purchase it should be built of sturdy material, easy to clean and squirrel proof!

The most popular choices are tubular bird feeders and platform feeders. Tubular feeders are built using a plastic or metal tube with various holes to allow the seed to come out. Many of these feeders have perches for birds to rest on while feeding. Look for a tubular bird feeder that has a solid hook or chain to hang it from a tree or pole, a large tube so you are not refilling everyday and a mesh or dome to protect your food from squirrels.

Platform feeders can be simply be a sheet of plywood raised off the ground and covered with seeds, fruit or other food. A platform feeder about one foot off the ground is perfect for attracting birds that feed on the ground such as sparrows, doves or juncos. You can also hang a platform feeder from a tree or mount on a pole to attract a vast array of different birds. Again remember to look for protection of squirrels and ensure any wooden surfaces have been protected from the weather.

Hopper feeders are a bit more expensive but are usually easier to look after and come in

a variety of interesting styles, including a Victorian house! The main advantage is this type of feeder automatically restocks the feeder until the feed has been exhausted from the hopper – this means you don’t have to refill the feeder every day. Look for hopper bird feeders which hold a decent amount of seed and are easy to clean. You’ll attract many kinds of birds with these feeders including woodpeckers, cardinals and jays.

Window feeders attach to a pane of glass and allow you to see the birds while they are feeding from the comfort and warmth of your house. It may take slightly longer for the birds to feel comfortable feeding in this way but soon you’ll have a variety of birds feeding right next to your living room window!

The final types of bird feeders are the suet feeder and nectar bird feeders. Suet feeders are usually consist of a wire cake that suet cakes are attached to – suet feeders can be difficult to clean but do attract a variety of birds in winter and summer. Nectar bird feeders are designed to attract hummingbirds and Orioles. The birds ‘suck’ a sugary water from an inverted bottle or from a saucer that drips the liquid through the feeder.


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