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Window Bird Feeders - What You Need To Know

Window bird feeders provide enjoyment different than any other type of bird feeder. They allow you to view the birds up close...very close! You can watch them, learn about their habits, and even take some great photographs.

These feeders are offered with or without a roof. Those with coverings, keep the birds protected from inclement weather. They also help keep the bird seed from getting wet or moldy.

The feeders without a roof don't provide these advantages. However, because the top is open, larger birds can visit, such as woodpeckers. The birds that visit will depend on the type of bird seed that you provide. To attract woodpeckers, for example, provide peanuts. Cardinals love sunflower seed.

There are even specific window bird feeders made for hummingbirds.

A window bird feeder must have good suction cups to prevent the feeder from falling off the window. I once had a very inexpensive one and it was very frustrating, as it did not stay on the window for very long periods of time. You can buy one made of clear plastic or wood. The wood ones, if made well, are very long lasting and can be quite decorative as well. Some of the wooden tray feeders

have a mesh bottom so that water does not collect there.

They also come in various sizes and hold different amounts of seed. The larger ones are nice because it means that you have to fill them less often. I wouldn't worry about the seed going bad. Enough birds will visit and the seed will be gone before you know it.

If you have some bird friendly shrubbery outside your window along with the window feeder, a nice habitat for the birds can be created. They will have food, shelter and a place to perch all in one area. Add a nice solar powered bird bath, and the birds will think they are in heaven.

When placing a window feeder, select a window that is a good viewing place. Also, make sure that you can reach it from outside to fill it with the bird seed. Speaking of filling the feeders, be sure that you purchase one that removes easily from the window. For example, I have a wooden tray feeder with a lip on the top. I just lift it up and out, and it comes off. Some feeders with coverings are made so that the roof lifts up. This works also.

Window bird feeders provide more fun than any other type. Add one to your window and I think you'll agree.


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