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Birdfeeders And Birdhouses: Find Helpful Information On Your Wild Birds Feeding And Nesting Preferences.
By Neisha Bjorklund
Bird Houses
Bluebirds and swallows seem to prefer a wide open area location for their birdhouse, but the robins like their nestboxes underneath eaves and in the trees. The nuthatches and wrens are attracted to a bird house that is mounted on the just inside a tree line. We carry wood bird houses for wrens, bluebirds, and bats. We also have decorative bird houses to decorate your yard and/or garden.

Bird houses for the bluebird are deeper than for the swallows, nuthatches and wrens. One thing that always amazed me is the lack of cooperation from the birds in using the correct bird house. Birds like to invade each others domains when they are unoccupied. A simple solution to this would be to place predator guards under or above your bird house if you have problems with such predators. A predator guard can consist of a thin sheet of tin about 18 to 24 inches high rapped around

a pole, post, or tree. There are many methods used but I have found this to be the easiest solution.

Bird Feeders
We have many different types of bird feeders. We have seed feeders, thistle feeders, globe feeders, window feeders, hummingbird feeders, haven and cage feeders, decorative bird feeders and the new squirrel-resistant roller feeder. Don't forget to provide water for your wild birds as well. Bird baths are an excellent way to provide water to your backyard birds. Be sure to clean the birdbaths when you add or change the water to prevent the birds from passing diseases to one another. One of the problems that has experienced with birdbaths is that bees take over the birdbath during hot days. The only solution we have found for this particular problem is by determining the main location of the bees and placing another birdbath or bucket of water with some wood floats inside.

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