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Why Use Bird Seed?

Why use bird seed when the bird can eat what is found in nature?

Well bird seed is a great way to attract birds to you home. Bird seed also helps keep the birds nourished and healthy. In the winter or in dry seasons it may be hard for birds to find appropriate food so bird seed is a great way to keep birds nourished.

What bird seed do I choose?

When you choose a bird seed for your birds look for ones with high fat and protein content. This will ensure that your birds will be well nourished and well feed. There are different types of bird seed that you can offer the birds around your home. Depending on what type of birds you want to attract will depend on the bird seed and the bird feeder. For some bird seeds hanging bird feeders or tube bird feeders are best. While for others birds platform bird feeders or suet bird feeders are the better choice. To see what kind of bird seed is most preferred by birds, here is a useful bird seed chart.

When do I use bird seed?

Bird seed can be used year round. There is nothing wrong with feeding birds in the

summer and spring this way they will receive the nutrient that they need while they are nesting. It is important that if you start feeding wild birds in the winter that you continue to feed them. Once wild birds find a reliable food source they will keep coming back to eat there.

What is suet?

Suet is a great bird food. Suet is animal fat and should be made with the highest quality beef kidney fat. Suet is processed so that it will not spoil or become soft and melt with different temperatures, because if this happens then all your bird seed will end up on the ground. Here is more information about suet.

What is wild bird seed?

Wild bird seed is all of the seeds mentioned above and in the chart. Wild bird seed can be mixed together for different types of bird feeders, or to attract different types of birds. Wild bird seed is made for wild birds, made for the nutrition that they need and how they prefer to eat. When you are looking a buying a bird feeder online, be sure to check out all the different types of wild bird seed for that type of bird feeder.


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