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Secrets To Keeping Squirrels Out Of Your Bird Feeders
Squirrels are cute to look at, but if you love to watch birds at a feeder on your lawn, then you will need to know how to keep squirrels out of bird feeders. Knowing how to keep squirrels out of bird feeders is a trick because they are persistent and intelligent when trying to find food. Don’t let the feisty rodent keep you from enjoying your birds – you can fight back!

Squirrels are crafty little critters that try anything to get at their favorite foods like, cracked or whole kernel corn, and sunflower seeds. In fact they’ll eat their entrĂ©e of food in that order. Of course the beautiful blue bird and cardinal love the same types of snacks too. This presents a problem on how to keep squirrels out of bird feeders, but it can be solved with several approaches. You’ll just need to be patient in trying to figure out how to keep them away from the delicatessen of bird food.

One way on how to keep squirrels out of bird feeders is to buy a bird feeder that keeps squirrels out. This type of feeder includes those that are weight sensitive, and some are designed with dimensions that are not right for a squirrel to poke its head through the perch bars and gobble away. Other types of feeders have a baffle that will close if a squirrel attempts at feeding, and some will spin the squirrel right off. Watching a squirrel spin away, but not hurt, provides hours of entertainment.

If you already a have pole mounted bird feeder, and don’t want the hassle to move it, there are techniques you can use to protect it. If possible remove anything that a squirrel can jump off of, and land on the feeder. Make sure it’s 12 feet away at least. Another


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