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The Many Faces Of Decorative Bird Feeders
By Mayoor Patel
For many people their gardens are a part of their home that they take a lot of pride in. They will paint the fencing in such a way that the garden is almost an expression of the artist in them. The plants they choose will reflect this as will the garden furniture and even the type of bird feeders they pick. Many people will purchase decorative bird feeders that will add color and style to their gardens while still being a truly functional piece of garden equipment. The variety of bird feeders styles that can be put in your backyard will answer anyones taste. They come in small feeders that will sit well in a little backyard or on a balcony or large ones that better suit a big yard to show them off.

Interestingly some people even collect these as works of art. Some feeders will be in the style of Asian culture while others might be like miniature country houses. This decorative style can spread through any type of bird feeder. For example, you can put a tube feeder in your backyard to attract smaller birds. You can make it a simple structure or an unusual one. Perhaps the tube feeder will look instead like a lighthouse. Or maybe the decorative bird feeders you will choose are ones

that are hand blown glass made to resemble flowers so that they attract the hummingbirds. Depending on the style you like these feeders have quite a price range. Something simple like a lantern style feeder may cost less than twenty five dollars. But if it is an elaborate feeder you are looking for, perhaps one styled like a cottage or a gazebo, you can expect to pay over a hundred dollars.

The fact is that there is a style for everyone's preference but if you do not find what you like there are many places that will custom make any type of bird feeder that you want in any style you desire. They can look like small houses, apartment structures, giant mushrooms, the local post office or a gilded cage. If you find what like but the color scheme does not match your garden, buy it anyway and repaint it so it fits in. The birds do not honestly care what shape or color it is, this is for your own pleasure to reflect your tastes. There is no end to what one's imagination can conjure up in the shape that decorative bird feeders can take. You even have the option of making it yourself if you cannot find the style you want. Just use your imagination, build it and the birds will come.


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