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Wild Bird Feeders - Location, Location, Location Or Where Shall I Place My Feeders?

The bird feeders in my garden are set up in such away that they attract a very large variety of birds. I also have managed to keep the squirrels away.

How have I done this?

* I have chosen particular types of bird feeders to attract many different types of birds.
* The feeders are either squirrel proof, used in conjunction with a squirrel deterrent item, or placed in an area were squirrels cannot get to them.
* I use a very good seed mix which contains various seeds favored by different birds.

I have four different feeding stations. In one of these stations I have more than one feeder.

This consists of a pole with two arms. On each of these arms is a tube feeder. One is a little larger than the other and has a tray attached to the bottom. The Cardinals love this tray as they like to perch on something substantial when eating the bird seed. They eat from the ground also.

I attached a baffle about half way up the pole. The pole and feeders are set out in the open lawn, away from any trees or house. The combination of the baffle and the open lawn make it nearly impossible for squirrels to get at the feeders.

The next area is another tube feeder but a very long one. I have this hanging from a branch of a tree. However, to deter the squirrels, I have a large, plexi-glass baffle above it. The squirrels cannot jump onto the feeder from the tree since they would land

on the baffle....and off they go!

I also have a window bird feeder. The squirrels cannot get to this. I would say that I enjoy this one the most. It is a wooden tray that slips into a plexi-glass holder suspended by suctions cups. I can be in my kitchen and watch the birds up close...very close! The cardinals are the most jittery and seem to spot me quickly, unless I stay perfectly still. The Titmice and the Chickadees are quite friendly and don't seem to mind me watching them. The yellow finch are quite a rowdy bunch and not very polite to each other!

On the side of my house, also hanging from a tree, is a tube feeder which is made to be squirrel proof, and it is. It has a grate over it and there are perches. The grate has larger openings where the birds access the seed. When the squirrel goes onto it, his weight lowers the grate over the openings so that access is denied. Yes, it works!

Over the last few years, we have seen about fifteen different varieties of birds. We have enjoyed seeing the following birds: cardinal, blue jay, titmice, eastern towhee, house finch, yellow finch, bluebird (only twice), chickadees, robin, phoebe, hummingbird, grackle, blue bunting, cowbird, dove, red winged blackbird, and three different kinds of woodpeckers.

We feed them bird seed that is a good mix of high quality seed. The mix has seed that is liked by different kinds of birds and thus brings the large variety of birds as visitors.


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