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Feeding Birds All Year Round Is A Joy
By Mumby
Feeding birds year round is not only enjoyable but also helpful to some feathered friends who may need a little help during certain times of the year. Hard-pressed parents busy with nesting benefit from feeding, as do their young who often come to the feeders too. Feeding birds can attract some of the more aggressive birds to your yard as well, which may mean that your poor cat is besieged by mocking birds. Remember thought that with a large group of birds comes a large group of bird-droppings. Feeding birds is both entertaining and rewarding. Whether seedeaters, hummingbirds or fruit eaters are in your yard, you can offer each a little something special.

Feeding birds is an enjoyable and rewarding pastime during West Virginia's cold and often snow-filled months. The movement, color and life of the birds outside the window help remind us that spring really isn't too many months away.

Feeders made of plastic and ceramic will be the easiest to maintain this way; wooden feeders should be disinfected with something other than bleach so the wood won't fade. Feeder placement can also play a role in window strikes. In some instances,

hawks will drive birds into a window to stun them and make them easier to catch.

Feeding birds is a commitment and just like cleaning up after a human meals, you must be willing to clean up the area where you feed the birds. Feeding birds is a popular backyard activity in Florida--a 1985 survey revealed that 66 percent of all respondents had fed birds or other wildlife around their homes in the past year. There's certainly no easier place to introduce children and adults alike to the joys of bird-watching than at a backyard feeder. Feeding birds can be very enjoyable and lots of fun. There are many types of feeders and each will attract different birds.

Feeding birds is the quickest way to attract birds to your yard.
wild bird seed

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