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Looking for a new type of bird feeder for your backyard? Try a suet feeder, which uses beef fat (suet) to attract wild birds. While birds will be attracted to suet alone, try mixing it with other ingredients such as berries, seed, and nuts to make an extra enticing treat, or to target a specific type of bird. Suet cakes can be purchased just like bird seed, but you can also opt to make your own suet cake.

There are two ways to obtain suet for the base of your bird feeder. You can get suet from your local butcher shop, or simply purchase a tub of lard from the grocery store. Once you have your suet or lard ready to go, think about what other ingredients you'd like to add. Adding a cup of peanut butter to the mix with help the suet mold better. Think about the types of birds you would like to attract. Corn, sunflower seeds, nuts, birdseed, and rolled oats are a few options that can be incorporated in your suet cake.

Perhaps you aren't really a hands-on type of person, but making your own suet cakes is really not that difficult. First, melt your suet or lard to a liquid

consistency. It might be a good idea to do this outside or in the garage. Once you have your liquid fat, add in your other ingredients. Then pour into a mold of your choice. Stick your mold in the fridge or keep it outside if it is a cold day. As the fat cools, it will harden and be ready to be removed from the mold. Place your suet cake in your suet feeder and set it outside as a tasty treat for your feathered friends.

You have several options for selecting a suet feeder. Suet feeders can be purely utilitarian, or simply have a beautiful design. Your suet feeder can be as easy as hanging a suet cake in an old pair of nylon stockings. The best place for a suet feeder is in an area sheltered from the harsh elements such as sun and rain. Dry, cool suet will last longer. It's also just as important to place your feeder in a spot where you can enjoy watching the various types of visitors that will feed on your suet cake. There's nothing better than watching the cardinals, woodpeckers, blue jays, and other wild birds get nice and fat on a snowy day right in your own backyard.


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