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Decorative Bird Feeders - How To Feed Our Feathered Friends While Adding Style To Your Patio

Decorative bird feeders easily and inexpensively add a layer of beauty and charm to your home's exterior spaces. Place decorative feeders in the back or front yard, on the porch, or in the garden and watch as your bird feeder becomes an important stop for a variety of wild birds. You might also consider varying the types of feeders you purchase - not only aesthetic variety, but also to attract different species of birds. For example, the placement of tube feeders in one area and dish feeders in another, as well as filling each with a specific type of seed, will encourage a variety of birds to gather at your home.

Many of today's bird feeders are available in a wide variety of decorative styles. Whether you choose a bird feeder adorned with dragonflies, frogs, pine leaves or grapevines, your bird feeder should represent your unique tastes and decorative style. No matter what style of wild bird feeder you choose, looks for materials that are sturdy and weather-resistant, such as rust-free aluminum. The bird feeders should also offer easy refilling and cleaning options.

For example, you can put tube feeders in one area and dish feeders in another. Different birds will prefer one type of feeder over another, so you can encourage a variety of birds to flock to your yard. In cold weather, suet feeders filled with fatty, nutritious and calorie-laden suet provide essential feeding for wild birds during these difficult months.
Bird Feeder Basics

Dish feeders either hang from an attached chain or sit at garden-level - perfect for attracting bluebirds, blackbirds, or jays. Birdseed is scattered across the dish feeder's wide, gently sloped basin.

Tube feeders operate by way of a Plexiglas tube, which provides both you and your birds with a clear view of seed levels. Gravity helps the seed continuously flow from four generous openings in the tube's base, which also provides a sturdy perch for the birds to rest while eating. Typically, tube feeders include a generous overhang to provide protection from

the elements.

Suet feeders are another great way to attract wild birds to your backyard and bring nature to your home. In cold weather, suet feeders filled with fatty, nutritious and calorie-laden suet, provide essential feeding for wild birds during these difficult months.

Easy-to-access and easy-to-clean, these bird feeders use cake-style seed to attract even the most discerning wild birds. Wide openings placed throughout the bird feeder create ample opportunities for birds to grab a quick bite.

Wild bird feeders are an effective way to attract a wide variety of exciting birds to your yard. Once birds detect the presence of a bird feeder with a reliable food supply, they'll keep coming back--and bringing more birds with them. With the passage of just a bit of time and faithful care and maintenance of your feeder, your property can become a Grand Central Station for birds from all over! Wild bird feeders don't come in just one design. In fact, many styles of feeders exist. It's important to become familiar with these different styles before buying. This is more than an aesthetic consideration for the look of your yard. Different birds are attracted to different feeders, and some birds simply will not use feeders with designs that are incompatible with what they prefer.

Thus, if you're bent on attracting doves to your property, you'll want the bird feeder that doves prefer. This happens to be a platform, or dish feeder. The other most common styles of bird feeders are tube feeders and suet feeders. Tube feeders are shaped like a tube and are often filled with seed or other dry foods. These feeders allow many birds to feed at once in a tiered formation.

Suet feeders are often house or lantern shaped. These feeders are designed to securely hold blocks of suet, a fatty, high-calorie food that's packed with nutrients for wintering birds. There's a generous selection of beautifully crafted wild bird feeders in dish, tube, and suet styles that are sure to delight both you and your avian visitors!


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