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Keeping Squirrels Away From Bird Feeders

If you enjoy feeding the birds in your garden then it is likely that you have experienced the problem of squirrels trying to steal the food.

Squirrels are great contortionists and can also walk across wire, jump about 1 metre upwards and up to 3 metres across. You will find they are adept at climbing practically any obstacle too.

Make sure you place hanging feeders at least a couple of metres from a tree trunk or fence post and have them at least a metre from the ground. This should prevent squirrels jumping on to your feeders.

Squirrels can easily chew through wooden feeders so choose ones made from plastic or metal instead. Also available are special feeders surrounded by a wire cage. These will allow small birds access to the feeder but keep squirrels away.

A baffle is an alternative in making your feeder squirrel proof. These are umbrella shaped devices that you can place above

a hanging feeder or under a pole mounted feeder. You can also use a piece of piping placed over the post that the feeder is hung or mounted on.

There are some bird feeders on the market that have perches on them that will collapse under anything than the weight of a small bird. This will not only prevent squirrels getting near the feeder but keep away larger birds such as gulls who will often eat all the food available before smaller birds have a chance to feed.

Squirrels are most likely to be interested in nuts so put out seeds and other foods for your birds instead. You could also give your squirrels there own feeding station on the ground.

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