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Window Bird Feeders Bring Nature To You

For years people have looked to birds as sources of inspiration. They frequently stand as symbols of freedom. It's no surprise that bird watching is a popular hobby and having birds in your garden and around your home can be quite relaxing. After all, who doesn't delight in looking out the window and seeing birds flit about?

But what if people don't have the patience or time to sit outside waiting for a bird to flit by? There are several techniques that a bird lover can use to make their yard more attractive to our winged friends. Bird baths, bird houses, and bird feeders all help to make your yard a more bird friendly place.

There are several different varieties of bird feeders available to the aspiring bird watcher. There are feeders on poles that must be buried in the ground. There are feeders with stands that sit on the ground. There are feeders that hang from tree branches or poles. The best type of feeder, however, if you want to get right up close and really see your backyard birds, is the window bird feeder.

Window bird feeders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all work in essentially the same way. The

feeder attaches to a window and is filled with feed. After that, the birds come to you. You can sit inside your house and watch as birds fly up to your window, or you can sit outside to watch them.

Now their are some caveats, of course. One is that you must use a window that the birds will feel save going to. Try to pick a spot that is somewhat secluded or has a bush or cover nearby. The other thing is to be sure to buy strong suctions cups with your feeder since you don't want it falling off onto the ground while your birds are trying to eat!

Window bird feeders are particularly well suited for the elderly or other homebound. They require little maintenance, and can help bring nature to those who can't actively pursue it. They also make a nice addition to windows in an office, where they can provide a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern work world.

Feed for bird feeders usually consists of seeds and grains that have been sterilized to prevent them from germinating. It's readily available at most home improvement stores as well as many pet stores and supermarkets in most major cities and small towns alike.


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