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Birds Love A Good Bird Bath
By Morgan Hamilton
In case you like birds you must know that there is nothing more welcoming to the feathered creatures than a bird bath. That nice installation filled with clean, fresh water will be like an oasis for the neighborhood birds. And if you decide to make one, your kindness will be fully repaid by the daily visits of our entertaining and delightful flying friends. Just watching a bird bathing is quite a pleasurable and repaying experience itself.

Of course people may decide to build such a place for people too, but in fact a nice bird bath can simultaneously be the perfect garden accessory and service a good purpose. And if you manage to choose the right style to design it in, you’ll definitely improve your garden setting. In the end you’ll have something for all to enjoy – both birds and people.

A bird bath is the perfect device for bird watchers to use for attracting birds. Taking the time to create such bath is always rewarded by the view it offers afterwards.

It gives the birdwatchers the possibility for a close proximity watching, and most of them guarantee that you can in fact attract more birds with a bird bath than with seeds.

This is absolutely true, because bird feeders, wonderful in my opinion, still do attract only seed-eaters and that’s why the species that gather around them are much more limited. From time to time you can spot a finch or a bright red cardinal, but you are more likely to find around always the same visitors – mostly blue jays and sparrows is what you you’ll see hovering near the feeders.

There are lots of birds that prefer fruits and insects to the seeds. Although species like waxwings, wrens and catbirds won’t offer a great variety to your garden, they can not be found anywhere around the seed feeders. That is the main difference between the two, and areas with bird baths are much more abundant in species than the seed feeders as not all birds do eat seeds, but all birds drink water.


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