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Tips When Picking Feeders Bird Baths
By Michael Selvon
Proper selection of feeders bird baths will transform your garden in to a hub of cheerful activity. All the chirping of the wild birds around the wild bird feeders and bird baths will be music to ears. Birding will be a rewarding hobby for you if you pay attention to the needs of the birds and their security.

There are so many models available in the market that you may compromise security and the needs of the birds for beauty and design. Ideally, the bird baths and feeders should be a combination of both looks and utility.

The bird bath is an artificial puddle of water created for the birds to have bath and drink water. A shallow basin is put on a pedestal and a depth of two inches is sufficient for the wild birds, as they do not submerge their entire body in the water.

They just dip their wings and splash water all over the body. You can heat up the water in bird bath with solar bird baths. The wild and migratory birds can get warm water to bathe in during the winter from your backyard. You can even add a suet bird feeder during the

winter months.

The feeders bird baths should be cleaned regularly to maintain proper hygiene and to prevent the spread of any diseases. Different species of birds carry different harmful viruses and bacteria, which could affect the health of other birds.

It is amazing how fast the feeders bird baths can get dirty. The bird bath can be scrubbed clean; however, a tablet containing naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes can be used to break down organic waste and keep the bird bath clean with less scrubbing, which will leave more time for bird watching.

The placement of feeders bird baths is also of utmost importance when you are planning for bird watching in your own yard. The bird bath should be placed near a big tree or bush so that when there is an imminent attack from birds of prey your winged guests can fly off and take shelter immediately.

Bushy berry trees can serve the dual purpose of providing shelter and food. Many species will love the bird feeders and bird baths in your yard if they are assured of proper shelter and protection.

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