Oriole Bird Feeders

Oriole Bird Feeders

Orioles are characterized by a bright orange plumage and black head. Their call is almost as pretty as their feathers, a cheerful whistle, and a welcoming sign of spring. While they feed on insects, orioles are similar to hummingbirds in that they also feed on sweet nectar and fruit. Hang an oriole fruit or nectar bird feeder to attract on of these beauties to your yard.

Orioles are migratory birds, appearing in early spring, and flying south for the winter months. Hummingbirds have a long beak, making trumpet shaped flowers and faux flowers on hummingbird feeders their preferred method of feeding. Orioles have a short beak, so any feeder with a flower guard will not work if you are trying to attract one. While hummingbird feeders and nectar are typically bright red, a bright orange feeder will work to attract orioles.

To fill your oriole feeder, you can use the same formula used for hummingbirds. In general, you can dissolve one part sugar

to four parts water for easy oriole or hummingbird nectar. Orioles have a big sweet tooth, so a nice and sugary grape jelly will also be appealing to orioles. Some oriole bird feeders even hold fruit, such as a slice or orange, or a quarter of an apple. No mater which method of feeding you choose be prepared to keep your oriole bird feeder full. They will be quick to move on if the food supply is gone.

It pays to have a variety of bird feeders in your yard. If you only provided regular bird seed feeders, you would miss out on the beauty of birds like orioles and hummingbirds. Bird watching is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed all year round. Welcome spring with the new sounds of migratory birds. Enjoy watching new hatches grown through the summer months. Or nourish little feathered friends in the winter months when food is more scarce. Year round, a little research always pays off when attracting a specific bird, such as the oriole.


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