Advantages of Hopper Bird Feeders

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1. The hopper bird feeder keeps the seeds dry. The hopper feeder is designed with a roof and side glass panels, therefore keeping the seeds dry and protecting your bird food from the rain, wind and snow.

2. It is very popular with backyard birds. The hopper attracts a wide variety of backyard birds, depending on the size of perches you use. Big birds like doves, jays, blackbirds, and cardinals are able feed from them with relative ease. This can also serve as a woodpecker bird feeder. If your hopper is placed near the ground, it may also attract ground-foraging birds like sparrows.

3. Hoppers hold a lot of seed. The hopper's size and design allow you to fill it with a lot of seeds. This eliminates the need to refill it constantly. You may be concerned about food spoilage, but there is no need to worry. The hopper's roof and side panels protect the seeds from the elements, and its "on-demand" seed dispensing capabilities prevent any contamination and help preserve the seeds left inside the feeder.

4. Features "On-demand" Automatic Seed Dispensing. The hopper is designed in such a way that the seeds are only available to the birds on demand. This is done through the funnel action provided by the V-shaped side panels. A Hopper feeder stores the seeds and immediately replenishes the feeding ports with the aid of gravity.

5. The hopper feeder may be filled with any kind of seed. This type of bird feeder may be used to hold any sort of bird food you want. It is not restricted to any size of bird feed. Sunflower seed is a favorite of hopper visitors, but seed mixes that contain millet, corn and nuts can be offered through this type of feeder too. You should remember though that mixes encourage crowding and may become wasteful because birds will usually just pick out their favorite seeds from the mix you offer.

6. It has versatile mounting options. The hopper bird feeder is not restricted when it comes to placement choices. This type of feeder can be mounted on a pole. It can also be suspended using sturdy wires, ropes or chains.

To address your squirrel concerns, as long as your hopper feeder is mounted securely and has a baffle attached below it, you should be able to keep those unwanted critters away.

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