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Bird Houses And Feeders In Garden Decor
By Martie Spaier

Did you ever pass a house and notice a birdhouse on the property? Did you ever think it might be fun to have a birdhouse or birdfeeder in your very own garden or patio? Are you interested in conservation and helping the environment? Need a new hobby? Are you a nature lover? If you answered "yes" or even "maybe" to any of these questions, then read on to learn about how you can enhance your garden decor while enjoying birds and bird watching while helping to conserve then environment.

There are over 50 speciies of birds that normally nest in a bird house. Why not bring these wonderful creatures to your yard and garden to enjoy! Some examples of nesting birds are nuthatches, wrens, woodpeckers, bluebirds, cardinals,robins and purple martins. These birds will bring hours of entertainment and enjoyment to you as you watch the eggs hatch and the hatchlings grow into full sized birds. See how the mama bird actually feeds her babies and how the hatchlings actually learn to fly on their own! Sometimes having binoculars near-by is a handy thing to do, Or you can actually use a bird spycam and see what's going on inside the bird house from the comfort of your own home on your own computer or TV! Now you have the opportunity

to get up-close and personal with your own birds!

Birdhouses and bird feeders are also scientific tools since much can be learned just from observation. You can do studies and document the progress of your birds. You might even make an important discovery! And of course bird houses and feeders will help with the conservation of birds in heavily populated urban areas where there is little nesting material or food available. From deorative wren bird houses, bluebird houses, functional purple martin lodges, and woodpecker homes to decorative hummingbird feeders, you can help the bird population and additionally bring joy to your home with the simple hobby of bird watching.

Enhance your garden decor today with a bird feeder and bird house. You'll be able to spend many pleasant hours in total enjoyment simply birdwatching and basking in the riches of nature!

Visit us at BirdhousesAnd-More to choose the type of decorative, functional birdhouse that would be just right for you. Some of our architectural bird houses and bird feeders might even match your own house! Or you could set up your birds in you dream house style. Read All About Birds to see which type of birds visit your area.


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